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Madeline in La Boheme costume

NC Opera Company

In March 2007, I was fortunate enough to win the CBS Living Room Life Kids' Edition talent contest. Upon returning home after performing live in New York on CBS' "The Early Show," I received an email from Robert Galbraith, founding artistic director of the Opera Company of North Carolina. He said, "I feel that Madeline has brought deserved attention and great distinction to the art form of opera and pays it homage with her talent and character." As a result of this contact I was invited to perform not only in "La Boheme," but to sing a solo prior to the performance.

Kids on Broadway

The North Carolina Theatre has a very active program for youth. Each summer there is a camp called Kids On Broadway. I auditioned with 60+ young people. Twenty-six were selected for the three week (very demanding) camp which taught voice, dance, and drama. I not only was accepted but I won the vocal scholarship. I was also the only eleven year old, making me the youngest. It was a very intense camp which improved a lot of my acting skills.

Madeline & Mary Lindsey in Bye Bye Birdie

We have two theater groups in my hometown. I have been in a number of plays. I was in three Missoula plays: Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood, and Beauty Lou and the Country Beast. I have been in the Stage Struck play Peter Pan (I was the voice of the Mysterious Lady and a lost child). I was also in the Center Stage play, The Sound of Music in which I was Marta and my little sister was Gretel. My sister also enjoys acting and Bye Bye Birdie will be the third play we have been in together (see left).

Madeline & Chuck Wagner

And I did something else extraordinary for my age. I enjoyed a Master Class with the well known Broadway actor Chuck Wagner. Here we are together.

Click here to see MORE fun photos of some of my early plays, ages 5 to 10 years old.

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