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Madeline and Charlotte Church

Madeline & CC

September 2000

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  I was never so excited in my life!

Madeline with CC in the wings of the stage at her Atlanta concert, September 2000

Madeline with CC in her dressing room.

Madeline & CC
CC's poster in Madeline's room

   Mary Lindsey (my sister) and I went to sleep every night listening to Charlotte Church's CDs.  I also have all of CC's videos, music books, CDs, and posters (as you can see above).  CC became a role model for me at the age of three, which was when I started to sing.  I watched her and absorbed the music. My family even drove me nine hours to see her at her September 2000 Atlanta concert. My family says that sometimes things just must be meant to be because I was blessed enough to actually meet and hug my favorite performer there. Want to hear the story?
   Well, it was just impossible to get tickets for that concert.  Mom, Dad, and Grandma tried everywhere and with everybody. This went on and on because they wanted me to see Charlotte so much. Then unusual things started happening right when we were about to give up, and would you believe we ended up in the seventh row! Well, as the story goes, the day before CC's concert, we were in the auditorium and asked a props technician how we could get to see Charlotte in person. She did not know but told us to see the stage manager. When he heard about me he told my parents that CC was not receiving guests but that if we would quickly go to the end of the stage after her performance, we might get a glimpse of her. I could hardly sleep that night and the next day we were at the concert early. My family told me that my face was awesome when I first saw Charlotte come on stage, lit up like never before. I never sat so still as I did while she was singing.  Just being in the seventh row from her was a dream. Then when the concert ended, my mother and I ran around to the side stage and the stage manager told me that Charlotte was not seeing guests. I started to cry. The next thing I knew, CC's father was standing beside me.  He took me with him and I got to see CC's encore from the wings. Then next thing I knew I was taken downstairs to CC's dressing room.  Charlotte offered me some candy.  That is when I told her about my juvenile diabetes.  She was very concerned and made me feel so good when she told me that she was getting ready to do a benefit in California for diabetes. I know she will help us find a cure.
   So that makes her even doubly important to me.

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