Madeline's microphone
Madeline in recording studio
Madeline recording with Dad
Madeline recording
Recording with Aunt Janet

Hear my audio clips from this CD

My  web site was established six years ago when I was seven years old.  The audio clips that you hear are also when I was seven years old.  Many things good have happened to me in this six year period. 

My Recordings

This was my very first recording session. I was only 6 years old. My grandma ("BB") accompanies me almost every time I sing.

Madeline recording with Grandma BB
Madeline recording
Madeline recording

Recording with my dad.

Recording with my Aunt Janet.

My mom helps me relax after my recording session while our tech does his thing.

My first professionally produced CD was made when I was seven years oldClick here to see my CD.

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